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Work experience can provide a link between theoretical issues covered in your course and the world of work. It can be for course credit (Work Integrated Learning) or not-for-credit. Work experience can take many forms:

These experiences usually have two things in common:

Advantages of work experience:

Where to find work experience placements?

Fair Work Act

Gaining workplace experience is important for students, allowing them to make industry connections and develop their work-related technical and transferrable skills. QUT recognises the value of work and volunteer experiences for students, and has developed policies and guidelines to ensure activities comply with the Fair Work Act 2009.

The Fair Work Act 2009 requires that students are paid at least the minimum wage for work experience undertaken within organisations unless the work is undertaken as a vocational placement or is classified as voluntary work.

QUT will not advertise or facilitate unpaid internship, work experience or volunteer positions unless:

Other Unpaid Work Experience

If you have organised your own work experience placement that is unpaid, you will need to contact the Real World Placement Program to see if the placement can be conducted through that program.

Insurance Guidelines

If you are undertaking work experience your employer is likely to request you to organise insurance. The type of work experience will determine whether the university or employer should provide insurance. Refer to the Insurance section.

International Work Placement Scheme

The International Work Placement Scheme is for penultimate year international students studying at QUT who are seeking work experience in their home country while they study.