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First Year Students

Welcome to your QUT Course and Career Journey

The Careers & Employment team is here to assist you to take active steps in each year of your course to explore your career goals and increase your chances of success in the real world.

Don’t wait until your final year to start considering your career options and how you are going to get there.  There are heaps of things you can do in each year of your course to assist with your employability such as career exploration, networking, making industry contacts, building your transferable skills, and developing your professional resume and online profile. Our 'Your career journey starts here' booklet has some great ideas to get you started.

Have a look at our Checklist for Career Success for a quick overview of our key recommendations.

Not sure you’re in the right unit or course?
If you don’t want to complete one of your units or you’re struggling and think you might fail, it’s really important to withdraw by the due date! If you're unsure about the date or process to withdraw, make sure you confirm with the QUT Student Centre.

** Did you know that by staying in a unit, past the due date to withdraw, the mark you receive (including a fail) will be permanently on your academic record and you will still have to pay the fees? 

Free Session with the Course and Career Advisor

Book in for a free career session to talk through your options with our Course and Career Advisor - call 3138 2649. Prior to coming to your appointment we recommend you complete our free online Career Development module Course Exploration and Decision Making available through Blackboard, and download our free 'Your career journey starts here' booklet.

Peer Career Ambassador (PCA) Program

Talk to a fellow student! – Peer Career Ambassadors (PCAs) are students who've been through the challenges of first year and are happy to help newer students with their personal experience and tips. Email them at pca@qut.edu.au
Business and Engineering students in their first year are encouraged to attend a meet-up session with students in later years of study to chat about course and career ideas and challenges, such as choosing your major, getting work experience, finding out what's covered in different units etc.
Talk to a Business PCA - Weeks 1 to 6, Semester 1, 2017 - Z Block Foyer
Tuesdays:              9:30am to 1:30pm              
Thursdays:             10am to 3pm

Talk to an Engineering PCA - Weeks 1 to 6, Semester 1, 2017 - Z Block Foyer
Mondays:           9:30am to 2:30pm       
Wednesdays:    10am to 2:30pm

Join us at a Pizza / Donut session at ‘The Terrace’, Level 6, P Block to discuss the different majors with students in their later years:

Business Donut Session – Weeks 4 and 5:                              Engineering Pizza Session – Weeks 4 and 5:
Thursday 23rd March 10am                                                        Monday 20th March 12pm
Tuesday 28th March 10am                                                          Wednesday 29th March 12pm

Can't get to a session?
Email pca@qut.edu.au or post a question on our Facebook group:

Useful Tools for First Years

Your career journey starts here – get started with clarifying your course choice, exploring possible career outcomes, and taking proactive steps through your university career journey.

Your Career in Business / Law / Education / Justice / Health / Nursing / Creative Industries / Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths books

Career Development Program modules including:
Assessing Readiness for Study
Course Exploration & Decision Making
Defining My Opportunities
Self Understanding 1
Self Understanding 2
Thriving at University

My Future Website – for Occupation Exploration & Self-Assessment