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Career workshops:

Workshops are run by career counsellors and are held on each campus. A range of employment seeking and preparation workshops are available, tailored for both domestic and international students. The cost is free for QUT students.

Workshop schedule (on CareerHub):

Resume Writing

Your resume, and the covering letter that accompanies it, are your most important tools when it comes to getting a foot in the door of your dream job. Learn how to create and tailor a resume that displays your skills, knowledge and experience with regards to the position you are applying for, and how to catch the attention of employers with an excellent covering letter.

Selection Criteria

The requirement to address selection criteria or make a statement of claim is common in the public sector, and is a chance for you to provide information beyond what is in your resume as you match your skills and experience directly to the requirements listed by the employer. You must address the selection criteria satisfactorily in order to be considered for an interview for these types of positions, so come to this workshop to learn about what employers expect, and how to best demonstrate your skills and experience in this format.

Interview Skills

Interviews are an opportunity for the employer to see if you are the best person for the role, and also for you to find out if you want to work for them. Employers value candidates who are prepared and focussed, so don't leave your interview preparation too late. At this workshop you will learn about typical interview formats, what questions to expect and how to present yourself confidently so that you make the best impression possible.

Job Seeking Techniques

Looking for work can be overwhelming and confusing when you're starting out. Let us guide you through where to find both advertised and hidden jobs and work experience opportunities, how to approach industry contacts about work, and what resources you can be using to make sure you are representing yourself in the best light.


Advancing your career is often a matter of how you build your network and get along with others in the workplace. Learn practical tips on talking to the people you want to get to know, and how to maintain and use those relationships to your advantage. We will also explore general behavioural expectations and etiquette.

Social Media: What Every Job Seeker Needs to Know

Job applicants beware: you will be googled by recruiters! Learn how to clean up and manage your online profile, how to build professional credibility online, and how to utilise social media in your job search.

Finding Work in Brisbane

*FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS* This workshop looks at how to access the "hidden" job market - jobs that aren't advertised via traditional media and which make up a very large proportion of the jobs available. Learn how to research the roles you are interested in and how to market yourself with a resume which highlights your skills and experience.

Get ready for Careers Fair

The Careers Fair is your opportunity to make contact with employers actively recruiting graduates - don't waste it! This workshop will cover a variety of topics that will ensure you leave a lasting good impression on your employers of choice - background knowledge you should have, questions to ask employers, tips for personal presentation, overview of important documents.

Applying for Graduate Programs

Get insider tips on the Graduate Recruitment process. Find out what Recruiters are looking for and learn how to avoid common candidate mistakes. This workshop will make sure you understand how to prepare yourself and your application for the Grad job of your dreams.

Course Uncertainty

Not sure you’re in the right course for you? This workshop will provide you with the resources, tools and confidence to commence career planning and make an informed decision about what is the best course for you. You will also find out about the process to change from one course to another.

About to Graduate?

In your final year and haven't yet lined up a graduate job? Find out how to access the hidden job market, how to approach industry contacts about work, and how to prepare killer applications.

International Student Employment Preparation Program (ISEPP) - workshop series

This series of workshops has been specifically tailored for international students, and will cover all facets of the recruitment process - accessing the job market, creating high quality resumes and written applications, interview preparation and understanding workplace communication and culture. Participants are expected to commit to the full program of seven workshops, and MUST register via Careerhub.

Employer presentations:

Employers visit QUT to present information about their organisations and upcoming graduate programs or vacation employment. Students are urged to attend if they are job seeking, or considering different career paths when they graduate. As well as this, the above workshop are sometimes presented by an industry representative to give you detailed insight from industry's perspective.

For a complete listing go to the Presentation Schedule. March and April are a peak time for Employer Presentations!

Workshop schedule (on CareerHub)