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What's a career?

The following Career Planning Model provides a simple framework from which to consider your own career development and planning.

Use the model: Click on each of the headings inside the model - Self, World of Work, Influence, Decision Making, Goal Setting, Implementation, Review

Career Planning Model Decision Making Goal Setting Implementation Review Self World of Work Influences

In the centre are the understanding components of the model and around the outside are the action components. They are all related and impact upon one another. For example, your understanding will affect the actions that you take, and the actions you take may lead to a clearer understanding.

Discipline career possibilities:

For an idea of potential jobs and career paths you could have upon completion of your degree, go to the QUT homepage, select your study area from the 'Find a Course' list, and then click on your course name and scroll down to the Careers section.

Further assistance:

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