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Realise Program

The Realise program is a special initiative of QUT Careers & Employment designed to support engagement between Accounting, Economics, Finance, Nursing, Justice, and Justice/Psychology Industry with final year students and graduates.

Do you want to find out how a motivated and proactive QUT graduate can make a difference in your workforce?

Our graduates are seeking employment in roles where they can make a genuine contribution through their skills and passion.

QUT’s engaged learning practices which take students out of the classroom, mean that our graduates bring real-world experience and relevant knowledge to your organisation. They are ready to assist you in achieving your business goals by:

The graduates we work with have participated in career development training that helps them transition swiftly from university to industry. They are ready to play a valuable part in your organisation from day one of employment.

Do you need to employ quick learners who are flexible, adaptable and keen to have an impact on your business outcomes?

The Realise Program can help you make it happen!

The Realise Program will work in partnership with you throughout the recruitment. You will have a dedicated Liaison Officer who will:

The Realise Program is a FREE SERVICE for employers looking to engage with QUT’s graduate talent.

For more information contact the Realise Program team:


Andrew Osinski
Justice, Justice/Psychology, and Nursing Industry Liaison
3138 2649

Remi Descamps
Accounting, Economics, and Finance Industry Liaison
3138 2649