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Mentor and Mentee of the Year Nominations

2016 mentor of the year: Clare Ross

Throughout this career mentor experience, I have been constantly surprised by and so thoroughly grateful for the level of time, energy, and support Clare has given me. She is an incredible mentor and an extremely kind and inspirational person. I could not thank her enough for everything she has done for me.

From the very first meeting she has provided exceptional professional advice and has always been extremely encouraging. When I spoke about my goal to gain more practical work experience before I graduate, she immediately offered a helping hand. Clare went out of her way to set up a month working experience program for me within her marketing department at McDonalds. In this program Clare really took me under her wing. I experienced what it’s like to work in the field of marketing, in a real life setting. I gained insight into marketing strategy, developed skills in analysing competitive markets, and was able to create visual marketing collateral for current promotions. I learned so much and absolutely loved the experience.

2016 mentee of the year: Rick Jensen

Ricky Jackson and I were matched through the QUT mentoring program, my first foray into mentoring. A process that my mentor advised I was ready for and could contribute positively to. Ricky entered into the mentoring program with the same enthusiasm and motivation I have come to admire in him throughout our mentoring partnership. He introduced himself and provided some basic background by email prior to our first meeting and was flexible in arranging our mentoring sessions.

Not only did Ricky achieve his objectives, he exceeded my expectations and has made my first mentoring partnership a wonderful experience. Ricky is able to reflect on situations and grow from them. I firmly believe he will do well in his chosen career path and I plan to continue our mentoring partnership beyond the end of the program.

QUT’s mentoring program is a great initiative and provides good support and opportunities for the mentoring pairs to build their relationship and network. It is an excellent way to introduce student to real world situations. Thank you for your hard work, I look forward to being involved for many years to come.

2016 partnership of the year: Kazuko Kudo & Trisha Tugaga

It was a great pleasure to be paired with Kazuko Kudo — I have been very fortunate to be matched with a highly motivated nursing student.

I must admit this is my first opportunity as such with Queensland University of Technology Mentor Scheme. Kazuko and I have worked together over the past few months, and she never ceases to amaze me with her positive attitude and active participation with a bounty of questions reflecting her current nursing studies to her AIN nursing experiences. 
Kazuko is proactive and professional in her behaviour, appearance and rapport. She's a kind-natured, modest and fun loving soul always willing to ask questions and challenge her thoughts regarding case scenarios we often discussed. Kazuko is a critical thinker.

Kazuko planned her time to discuss her objectives and goals for the year. One of her goals was to improve her writing skills and verbal communication, so we completed an amazing résumé together.