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Early Career Mentor Scheme

The QUT Career Mentor Scheme is very excited to announce the launch of the Early Career Mentor Program pilot in 2017!

This year the Career Mentor Scheme will be piloting the Early Career Mentor Scheme which will match second year students with a ‘next step’ early career mentor with between 1-5 years industry specific experience. The mentor can share their experience and advice on how to best leverage their time at university to enhance career development, employability skills and enhance industry knowledge, ready for graduation.
In the past, the QUT Career Mentor Scheme has only been open to mentors with at least 5 years of professional experience. We have had many requests from recent QUT graduates, past mentees and early career professionals who are eager to participate in the scheme. The scheme is continuously exploring ways to improve the scheme and this pilot will allow us to welcome these individuals to our program and join the community of QUT Career Mentors helping us provide valuable and relevant services to our students.


The Early Career Mentor Scheme will officially run in Semester One 2017, culminating in a special networking event mid-year. You are welcome to continue with your mentor/mentee in Semester Two if you both wish.

Helpful Resources:

The Early Career Mentoring Program is a pilot program for second year students and early career professionals. This may be your first mentoring experience and as such we have created a resource which you can use to guide your mentor discussions. Included in the resource are suggested topics of discussion and suggested activities you and your mentor can partake in. The resource also provides a template for students to reflect on each meeting, these reflections can be submitted at the end of the year for students to receive a Participation Certificate. These activities and discussion points have been developed in line with Career Development Modules appropriate for second year students.
Please note: Whilst we hope this provides a valuable resource for you, the use of the suggested program outline is optional.

Early Career Mentoring Guide

FAQ: (for General Career Mentor Scheme FAQ please click here)

The Early Career Mentor Scheme is a new initiative that will be piloted in 2017. It will open up the scheme to early career mentors with between 1-5 years’ experience where previously the Career Mentor Scheme was only open to mentors with at least 5 years professional experience. Mentors will be paired with a second year undergraduate student.

If you are a mentor, you will automatically transition to the general QUT Career Mentor Scheme once you have reached five years of industry experience. In the general program you will be matched with a penultimate, final year student or post-graduate student.
If you are an undergraduate student, when you enter your penultmate, final or postgraduate years you will automatically transition to our general QUT Career Mentor Scheme.

Whether you are participating as a mentor or mentee, if an appropriate match cannot be found in the Early Career Mentoring Program we will endeavor to seek a mentor/mentee from the general program. Please note, we cannot guarantee a mentor for all students although every effort will be made to do so. You will be notified in due course if a mentor cannot be found for you.

Contact Information:

For further information please contact:
Career Mentor Scheme Coordinator
QUT Careers and Employment
Phone +61 7 3138 2687
Fax +61 7 3138 2368
Email mentor@qut.edu.au