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In 2004 QUT signed on with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) as an "elite athlete friendly" university to help lead the way nationally in supporting elite athletes. The Elite Athlete Program at QUT is managed by QUT Careers and Employment. QUT recognises the demand on elite athletes through training and competition, and endeavours to provide student athletes with the same opportunity to excel in their studies as normal students. Over 300 elite athletes, represented across more than 50 different sports, are currently enrolled at QUT and registered with the program.

Eligible Students

To qualify for the Elite Athlete Program an athlete, coach or referee must be part of an Australian Sports Commission (ASC) recognised sport, which requires heavy training and competition, and meet one or more of the following criteria:

Tip Sheet for Staff

The QUT Elite Athlete Program Guide for Academic Staff has been created to help staff dealing with elite athletes.

Tip Sheet for Students

We also provide an Athlete Guide to help them work through any issues and balance their sporting and university committments.

List of Elite Athletes by Faculty

To assist us in providing support to our Elite Athletes, faculty staff may have to confirm that certain students are registered with the Program. All current and eligible Elite Athletes are identified in SAMS with a comment code of ‘EA-ACTIVE’. If the comment code ‘EA-INACTIV’ is against the student, please contact us to confirm their eligibility. A list of Elite Athletes will be sent to each faculty at the start of each semester however using SAMS to identify eligible students is more appropriate as students are added throughout the semester and this data is the most reliable and up to date.

Elite Athlete Events

If you have contact with and support our Elite Athletes in an administration or academic role and would like to be invited to our two annual events, please contact eliteathletes@qut.edu.au to be included in the invitations.


Jasmin Henery- Elite Athlete Program Administrator

P: (07) 3138 2649 | F: (07) 3138 2368 | E: eliteathletes@qut.edu.au | Reception, Level 3, X Block, QUT Gardens Point Campus

Alison Thomson - Career Counsellor for Elite Athlete Program

P: (07) 3138 5098 | F: (07) 3138 2368 | E: alison.thomson@qut.edu.au| Reception, Level 3, X Block QUT Gardens Point Campus

Elite Athletes